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An Interview with Radhanatha Swami: A Hare Krishna (part 3)

We haven't lost very many people to deprogrammers because most of the people who do get deprogrammed come back. The reason is deprogrammers, they do everything they accuse us of doing. They don't let you sleep, they don't let you eat, they constantly harass your mind. Whereas, in Krishna consciousness, although we live very strict lives, very religious lives, there's complete freedom in Krishna consciousness to come and go as you like. So, generally, because our philosophy is very comprehensive and very very satisfying to the intelligence, even after someone tries to change your mind, you want to come back anyway.
Prabhupada was in America for 12 years. He was 82 when he died in 1977.
New Vrindaban was established in 1968. They are working on a new temple. It will be 220 feet high and will be the largest temple of its kind in the western world. It will all be hand-carved stone.
George Harrison became involved because he always had an interest for many years in spiritual life and eastern religions. When he met Prabhupada as a spritual master all of his questions were answered and he decided Prabhupada was a genuine highly realized sacred person. so he actually, at one point wanted to join this movement, but Prabhupadatold him "it's better if you remain a musician through your writings and your songs teach people about the purpose of life and Krishna consciousness." So he did that and many of his songs reveal the message of Bhagavad Gita and Krishna consciousness.
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