Djesrett-m-Sekhmet (sekhmetsat) wrote in iskcon,

An Interview with Radhanatha Swami: A Hare Krishna (part 1)

(I wrote this some twenty years ago, for a high school class. it's long,so will be broken into parts)

5000 years ago, the Supreme Lord appeared in this world in the beautiful form of Lord Krishna. This is explained in the Vedas, or sacred scriptures of India.Krishna is the name of God and Krishna means "one who possesses all attractive qualities". So, when Krishna appeared, He demonstrated Beautiful pastimes, which showed us the great power and mercy of the Supreme Lord, and He demonstratedthese pastimes in order to attract our minds back to Him.

He also spoke one very great scripture, called the Bhagavad Gita. Now from this time, the eternal message that Krishna gave was handed down and preservedthrough a great chain of disciplic successionof spiritual masters, or gurus. The idea of disciplic succession is that one person becomes a spiritual teacher by hearing from his spiritual teacherand then he gets a disciple and repeats the same message, and then the disciple, when he realizes the message, could become a spiritual teacher. And in this way,the disciplic succession goes down the line. So 500 years ago, Lord Krishna himself appeared in this great disciplic succession Himself as Lord Chaitanya. Lord Chaitanya was prophesied 4,500 years before his birth in many of the Vedas, or sacred scriptures of India. And, his incarnation was very very unique. He came-although he was God-he came in the form of God's devotee to show us in this age what is the best, most practicaland effective way of devoting our life to God, and developing love for Him.
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