vidiva. (vidiva) wrote in iskcon,

iskcon berkeley.


i'm going to be visiting san francisco next week. i also visited the bay area last spring, and i went to the berkeley temple for the sunday feast. this time around i will probably be at the san jose temple on sunday instead, but i would still like to visit the berkeley temple and take darshan. unsurprisingly, the berkeley temple does not have a website. (not that i can find anyway) but i just read on a devotee site that the berkeley temple is closed most days due to lack of management. does any one know if this is true? or do you have any current information on the times the temple is open? is the sunday feast the only public program they have?

i'm sure i will end up calling the temple before i trek to berkeley.. but at the boston temple, where i'm from.. which is very much alive and open 7 days a week, the phones rarely get answered, so i'm not holding my breathe.

any and all info you could give me will be greatly appreciated!

thanks in advance.

radhe shyam!!
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